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Januari 27, 2015

0 Themida v2.3.2.0 x32

Themida is designed for software developers who wish to protect their applications against advanced reverse engineering and software cracking. SecureEngine is an innovating and revolutionary technology for protecting applications against modern cracking. Its architecture and design is a completely new idea, never seen before on the security-world.

Themida is a program that helps you protect your applications against software cracking. SecureEngine has been designed with a different approach to avoid this common scenario. Its code is running on the same level with the operating system (kernel) with all privileges enabled.

That allows executing any kind of protection technique without being restricted by the operative system. On the other hand, current cracker tools are unable to detect, study and attack protection routines that have designed and implemented to run in the same level (kernel).

Ring0 Technologie -  OS architecture is designed to work in two levels of operation: Ring0 runs Windows kernel and device drivers code while Ring3 runs normal applications code. Ring0 code supervises and controls normal Windows applications that execute in Ring3 level. This means that normal applications are not allowed to run high priority code.

Debugger Guard - DebuggerGuard technology introduces revolutionary techniques to detect a debugger in memory. These techniques cannot be bypassed by any known cracking tools and are almost impossible to bypass even if an attacker knows how they work. This technology ensures that a protected application can only be run in safe environments, without the presence of debugging tools.

[+] Added internal option to pass all Windows App Certification tests
[+] Added support to read functions to virtualize from Excelsior MAP files
[+] x64: Improved support in "Custom Messages DLL" with DLLs with "Exception Directory"
[+] Added support for Load Config Directory
[+] Improved merging of Virtual Machine operation handlers
[+] Improved support of STR_ENCRYPT macro with specific applications
[+] Redesigned target relocations module
[+] Improved search of protection macros via API
[+] Improved search of end function via MAP file
[+] Added command line option "/xbundlerfiles" to specify a text file with all file names to embed
[!] Fixed virtualization of REPxx CMPSW
[!] Fixed temporal hang in User Interface while virtualizing protection macros
[!] Fixed compatibility with protected DLLs against Microsoft Application Verifier
[!] x64: Fixed virtualization of "XCHG RAX, R8"
[!] Fixed very specific virtualizations of "MOV REG64, negative_32_bit_value"
[!] Fixed memory issue when inserting very big Custom Messages DLLs
[!] Fixed log of encrypted ANSI/UNICODE strings
[!] Fixed exception processing files with corrupted Relocation Directory

Themida v2.3.2.0 x32
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