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April 15, 2014

0 Proteus v8.1 Professional SP1

The Proteus 8.0 release delivered a new platform as well as host of feature additions. The new application framework also now enables us to bring out many important features that would have been extremely difficult (or impossible) to implement in previous versions. The goal of the Proteus 8.1 release was to start delivering these features and our focus was on four main areas:

Pads and Footprints
Project Clips / Design Snippets
Dynamic Teardrops
Proteus VSM for Arduino™ AVR®
Pads and Footprints
Making Button Pads
Making QFN Footprints
Project Clips / Design Snippets
Dynamic Teardrops
Proteus VSM for Arduino
Miscellaneous V8.1 Features
Support for via-under-smt
Layer set-up added to New Project Wizard.
Individually hide/show part references on the layout.
Set individual zone clearances on pads (e.g. mounting holes)
Added direct support for BASCOM AVR and Sourceboost compilers inside the VSMStudio IDE.
Added models for the PIC10(L)F32x processor variants.
A full list of features and fixes is available from the Updates and Fixed Support Forum. Proteus 8.10 is available free of charge to all customers whose USC is valid as of 01st November 2013.

What's New In Proteus Design Suite 8.0

Proteus 8 represents the fruits of around 3 years of development. The following summarises the main feature enhancements in the Version 8.0 release. Minor system enhancements and modifications are announced in the members area of the support forums.
The major changes fall into the following areas:

Integrated application framework
  • Common Database
  • Live Netlisting
  • 3D Viewer
  • Bill of Materials
  • VSM Studio
  • Quality Assurance

Live Netlisting

Proteus 8 maintains a 'live' netlist enabling changes made on the schematic to be reflected in ARES, Design explorer and the Bill Of Materials in real time. Changes to the PCB are shown in such a way that they can still be rejected before components and tracking are actually removed from the layout. A batch mode (live netlisting off) is retained should you prefer to work that way.

3D Viewer
A similar live update mechanism now operates between ARES and the 3D Viewer such that changes to the PCB are auomatically reflected into the 3D view.
The rendering code has also been re-written to support both Direct X (as well as Open GL) and also to make it multi-threaded. Render times on machines with 4 or more cores can be more than halved when compared with Proteus 7.

Bill of Materials
Proteus 8 includes a completely new Bill of Materials module. This operates in its own application window with a WYSIWYG view of the BOM. Changes to the schematic and/or formatting are reflected immediately and an integrated header/footer editor is also provided. Further more, component properties can be added/removed or edited from within the BOM window. Any changes are automatically back-annotated onto the schematic. This is, of course, the most natural place to add stock/order codes, component costs and so forth.
The final output can be to print, Excel, HTML or PDF as you wish.

VSM Studio
As with ISIS and ARES, the VSM Studio IDE is now an integral part of the single Proteus application. This has the following benefits:
Firmware is automatically loaded into the target processor(s) after a successful compile.
The new project wizard can both place and wire up basic connections (power, reset etc.) for the chosen target processor
Debugging can take place from within *either* the IDE or the schematic. Additionally, Proteus 8 introduces the concept of 'Active Popups'. These are regions of the schematic (e.g. LCD display, or processor pins) that you wish to see whist debugging the code. When debugging in VSM Studio, the Active Popups can be displayed and docked alongside the source code, variables and memory windows. This works especially well on laptops / single monitor setups where managing the popups whilst still being able to see the whole schematic was always something of a challenge.

Quality Assurance
As always, the Proteus software undergoes intensive testing before release. However, there is always the possibility of unforeseen behaviour causing a software crash. In the event that you do have problems, there is a crash reporting system in place that will prompt you to upload a 'crash dump' to our servers after a successful restart. We would be grateful if as many of you as possible leave this mechanism enabled as the crash dumps will be extremely helpful in understanding why a particular crash occured and where in the software the problem lies.

Proteus Professional v8.1 SP1 Build.17358 part1
Proteus Professional v8.1 SP1 Build.17358 part2

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