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April 24, 2014

0 Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner Consultant Edition v9.0.20140115

Keeping personal and important business information private is just as important as having a strong defense against the many threats that may impact onto the functioning of a simple home computer. When the security needs involve protecting a web server, there are several possibilities to add supplemental safety measures.

First of all, the administrator should assess the current state of the network security and to do so, a utility like Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner may prove a gem. Mainly aimed at web applications and related content, the software is able to scan for and detect a wide range of exposures, many of which are common to several environments.

For instance, with Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner it is possible to find out if a system is exposed to various types of code injection and execution, as well as to the widespread cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks.

The program is also able to inspect folder permissions and discover potentially unsafe HTTP methods that may be active on the target web server. Port scanning is another activity you can try with this application because if it discovers open ports, Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner will immediately start testing in-depth the network security starting from that possible point of intrusion.

You can also check out the data that is being sent by your web apps. For this purpose you have at your disposal a HTTP Sniffer and a HTTP Fuzzer to intercept, capture and modify the traffic, as well as check for dangerous flaws that would allow for a buffer overflow attack.

Since it is packed with features and is accompanied by powerful technologies, Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner is a solid contender insofar as web server testing and network security examination are concerned. Quite user-friendly and not at all difficult to use, this software is indeed one that deserves a closer look if you have certain doubts that your environment is foolproof.

Here are some key features of "Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner":
- Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner automatically detects the following vulnerabilities in web applications:
- Cross site scripting
- SQL injection
- CRLF injection
- Code execution
- Directory traversal
- File inclusion
- Script source code disclosure
- Discovers files/directories that may contain sensitive information
- Looks for common files (such as logs, application traces, CVS web repositories), back-up files or directories
- Finds directory listings
- Discovers directories with weak permissions
- Discovers available web server technologies (such as WebDAV, FrontPage, etc.)
- Determines if dangerous HTTP methods are enabled on the web server (e.g. PUT, TRACE, DELETE)
- Inspects the HTTP version banners and looks for vulnerable products
- Tests password strength of applications.
- Extend attacks:
- With Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner, you can construct HTTP/HTTPS requests and analyze the responses using the HTTP editor.
- Connection spy:
- By enabling you to log, intercept and modify all HTTP/HTTPS traffic, Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner gives you an in-depth insight into what data your web application is sending.
- Test password strength:
- To test the strength of your passwords, you can perform a dictionary attack on basic HTTP, NTLM or form-based authentication.
- Test database editor:
- Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner includes a text database editor that permits you to add additional attacks to the test database (Enterprise & Consultant versions only).
- Supports all major web technologies:
- Applications utilizing CGI, PHP, ASP, ASP.NET can all be tested for vulnerabilities.
- Scanning profiles:
- Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner allows you to quickly scan sites with different options and identities.
- Reporting:
- You can save scan sessions to MS SQL Server/Access databases and generate complex reports from previous scan sessions using information stored in the database.


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